Energy allows you to use the producer items. You spend one energy when you tap on a producer and spawn an item.

You start with 100 energies on Level 1. Every time you spawn an item, you use one energy. But, don't worry! Mergedom gives you free energy every 2 minutes, so you will be back to having 100 full energies in a short while.

There are many ways to earn energy:

- When you level up (except the first level), you earn Energy Chests. If you are close to a level up and have experience points, don't be shy to use them!

- You can always watch Rewarded Ads to earn free energy! If you can't watch ads and see the "Try again later" message, please wait for a little and try again. We are always trying to find new ads for you.

- You can always use your gold to fill your energy.

- There are Unlimited Energy Pills that drop from Chests. You can also buy them from the Shop. These pills are so powerful that they give you infinite energy for a long time. You can do quite a lot within the given time. Give it a try and see! :)

- Check the Shop regularly; sometimes, you can find Energy Chests in Daily Deals.

- There is also a mysterious item that spawns energy, all you need to do is keep merging to find this item!