Version 0.7.0 and above:
We have brought two new resources into the game: Star and Gold. Your previous coin balance converted into the star equivalent, and your gem balance converted into gold equivalent without any loss.

Star is a unique resource that you earn by delivering customer orders.  The stars are used for decorating home renovation tasks. Every task is unique, and each one costs a different number of stars.

💰 Gold is a new in-game currency. You can use your gold to:

- refill your energy.
- skip the producers' charging periods.
- buy items from the Shop.
- break the chains to unlock board items.
- open new slots in the Inventory.

You can get gold:
- from your daily Safe Box.
- as a Merge League tournament reward.
- as a Merge Fever reward.
- by selling your board items.
- from the Gold (Coin) Tree item.
- from your level-up reward chests.